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Backseat Advertising LLC℠ works with the TAPPIN X™ platform exclusively.
Whether you are an agency, a creative group, a corporate media buyer, or a local business….

Each and everyday, people are being transported by ride-share drivers to their destinations.

They SHOULD be looking at YOUR advertising message during that journey.

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Backseat Advertising LLC is your EXCLUSIVE source to access the TAPPIN X™ advertising platform.

Formats for placement of your digital advertising messages are simple and straightforward. Unlike broadcast media, many different formats are not necessary. TAPPIN X™ platform utilizes the latest digital formats for the best quality and ease of use. Whatever type you have your advertising message formatted in…placement is easy. Advertising can be a digital video spot or a digital still advertising spot.

Promote your brand, deliver your message, engage your audience, and tell your story. With Backseat Advertising℠ you can “get in the backseat” of thousands of rideshare vehicles across the USA and soon to other countries.

Innovative Advertising Platform

Having your message directly visible to a truly captive audience is not only novel but it is the most innovative mobile advertising-only platform available today that guarantees your advertising message is ACTUALLY viewed by a consumer.

Passive advertising is our specialty. The TAPPIN X™ platform enables us to have visibility to consumers that have never been “tapped” in this environment.

The advertising message is displayed, delivered, and viewed by the consumer without intruding on the passengers’ space or journey.

With Backseat Advertising℠, we are able to place your advertising message in front of thousands of consumers each day as they travel to their destinations.

Since the TAPPIN X™ platform is not broadcast or streaming…your advertising message can be even more descriptive and flexible than with any other platform.

All advertising messages and placement are subject to prior approval.

Why Backseat?

Unlimited reach to a truly “captive” audience.

Direct exposure to consumers without interruptions.

No worries about your advertising message being diluted by unwanted content or programming.

Cost effective and customizable advertising messages.

Digital and Visual

Passive advertising messages “non-intrusive” to passenger.

No pausing, fastforwarding, or skipping past advertising messages.

Advertising messages viewed in their entirety. No pop-ups, banners, click-thrus.

All advertising messages you pay for ARE ACTUALLY VIEWED.

Backseat Advertising delivers
your message directly to the consumer.

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Backseat Advertising℠ is the newest and most
innovative advertising platform available today 

* Whether someone is using Uber, Lyft, Carma, Sidecar, Ridejoy, Zimride or others, Backseat Advertising℠, along with driver support of TAPPIN X™, is available to display your advertising message DIRECTLY to the passenger.

Truly a “captive audience” as the passenger remains in the vehicle until the arrival to their destination.

Transparency is a hallmark of Backseat Advertising℠
and TAPPIN X™.

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