This article discusses why YouTube users skip ads. It also offers practical tips that can help you boost engagement on your ads.

YouTube is one of the most widely used advert platforms. With billions of active users, it is a goldmine for business owners to get eyes on their products or services. They can use the video-sharing site to market their brands to potential clients or customers through paid ads. Sadly, some people are not getting the desired result for their marketing campaign on the platform.

In a study covered by CNBC, 65% of YouTube users don’t watch adverts. They use the “Skip Ad” button every chance they get. This means they aren’t watching these ads. This makes it impossible for them to engage with the content of the ad.

Why do YouTube users skip ads? How can you work around this problem and get more people to watch your adverts?

Why do People Skip YouTube Ads?

People skip YouTube ads for different reasons. Are you wondering why YouTube users don’t want to watch your ads to the end? Here are some reasons that might be responsible for that:

1. Happiness in the intro

Although this sounds strange, many people don’t feel comfortable with an ad that starts with happy people. Some consumers are more likely to skip ads with smiling people. This is especially true if such viewers are not in a good mood when they see the ads.

2. Using your brand in the intro

This act has been discovered to put some people off. You want to get your product or service out there, isn’t that why you are running the advert in the first place? But, many viewers won’t respond positively to ads when your brand name is in the introduction. When you do this, they already have an idea that you are trying to sell them something. People don’t like being sold to, so they’d rather skip the ad than watch it.

3. It is not emotional

Viewers are more drawn to ads that stir their emotions than regular ones. Emotion-triggering adverts are usually more engaging. People won’t be in a hurry to skip promotional videos that strike a chord in them.

Do your ads stir an emotion in your audience within the first five seconds? If not, they may not watch the ads beyond the mandatory first five seconds.

4. Beware of too much action

While viewers may be impressed with ads that elicit emotions, they don’t respond the same way to ones that are packed with too much action. They always want it simple and straightforward, something they can easily understand.

5. Content doesn’t resonate with them

This is one of the biggest reasons people skip ads on Youtube. If they don’t feel a connection to your content, they definitely won’t care about what you are trying to show them. Perhaps the content is too boring for their liking or the message is not clear enough. Viewers want promotional videos that can speak to them directly. They want something they can identify with. So, if your script is poorly written, you most likely won’t see any positive results from the ads.

6. Zero interest

Some viewers are not interested in ads, regardless of the format they come in. They are only interested in watching the video they clicked, not ads. These people won’t hesitate to skip ads without taking a second look at them.

7. Out of habit

The result of a study conducted by IPG Mediabrands’ Media Lab shows that some people have cultivated the habit of not watching ads. 76% of people surveyed claimed they skip online video promos. This includes YouTube promotional videos, because they are used to that. For such individuals, there are no specific reasons why they skip. They are simply responding to their impulse.

These and other reasons are why people don’t watch YouTube ads to the end before skipping them to move on to the main video.

What’s the implication on ads?

Viewers skipping your ads may have a negative effect on your advert campaign. Regardless of the advert type you run, you may have to pay even if viewers don’t actually watch them.

  • Traditional skippable ads: Here, Google prioritizes the number of completed views over impression. You only pay for such ads when viewers watch at least 30 seconds of the ads.
  • New skippable ads: Google recently introduced a new version of the skippable ads. The focus is on the number of reach, not engagement. You will be charged at every 1,000 impressions even if nobody views up to 30 seconds of the advert. Impressions are counted after viewing the ads for just 2 seconds. This is unlike the mandatory 30 seconds of viewing in the traditional skippable system.

It is clear from this that you will still pay for running ads on YouTube even if viewers skip them. Many businesses spend big on Youtube ads. But they still struggle with low traction and poor visibility for their brands. This can be pretty frustrating when you can justify your ad spend with a decent RoI.

This is not to say Youtube ads don’t work, they do. Many businesses generate revenue using Youtube ads. If it isn’t working for you as it should currently, look at ways to do it better for improved results.

What can you do to make people want to watch your ads? The answer is simple: create compelling ads.

How to Create Catchy Ads

There is no magic formula for creating perfect ads. But, the following will help you create ads with impressive engagement:

1. Create Engaging Ads

Your content should be tailored to suit the needs of your audience. Make your ads’ content relatable. You need to create ads that speak to your target audience. Create something that fits into their reality.

You have less than 10 seconds to convince them to listen to you. It is either you do it right or they skip. Make your intros powerful and gripping.

2. Spice it with Humor

Ads with a flavor of humor perform better and are able to hold the attention of viewers longer. Making your adverts a little humorous is one of the ways you can get and sustain viewers’ interest. According to an independent research group, Think with Google, humor is a common feature of most promotional videos that perform well on YouTube.

They analyzed ads with an undertone of humor and their performances. The research group then came to the conclusion that an ad will perform well if advertisers make them fun to watch. So, it won’t hurt if you add a touch of humor into your future ads.

3. Feature Celebrities

Ads that feature celebrities are also well accepted by most viewers. YouTube users view ads that feature celebrities due to their influence. If you can afford them, have a celebrity feature in your ads. Then watch your engagement shoot through the roof.

4. Use Animation

Animations are growing in popularity with each passing day. With tons of attractive animated videos and games, people respond very well to animated ads.

Take a look at Metro’s “Be Safe around Trains” animated video. It has approximately 180 million views and over 1.4 million likes. This gives you an insight into what you can achieve if you introduce animation into your YouTube promos. You can create powerful animated ads to reach out to potential clients or customers. With these ads, you may be able to reach a larger audience as the skip rates drop. These will drop as more viewers are encouraged to view such promo videos until the end.

5. Create an Interesting Story

Storytelling has been a powerful means of communication for centuries. It can also be adopted into advertising videos. A good story has better chances of leaving the best impression on people’s mind. People will watch an ad with an interesting storyline, especially if they can relate to the story.

Introduce your brand within the first five seconds of the story. If there is no way you can slot your brand name into the initial 5 seconds, do it within the first 15 seconds.

You may also include your brand name towards the end of the mandatory 5 seconds when the skip button is about to appear. Those who actually want to move to the next stage will have a chance to see your brand. If it’s a brand they are interested in, they may pause a bit and watch the ads to the end.

6. Target People who are Interested in your Brand

If you target the wrong audience, you are likely to get more skips than clicks. You can also lower the skip rates by targeting people who are really interested in your brand.

This may include former customers or individuals who already have a good opinion about the brand. Your target list may also include people on your email list, regular visitors to your website, and a host of others. Such individuals are more inclined to watch your ads than those with zero knowledge of the brand.

7. Make it Emotional

Bringing emotions into your ads will also boost the click rate. People are attracted to stories that bring out their emotions. The impact of the story will linger longer on their minds than an average ad with a boring storyline.

A study by CNBC shows that 43% of viewers of an ad with “high emotions” expressed their satisfaction with it. They also claimed they felt engaged by the ad.

Is Youtube Advertising Really Worth It?

Here are the facts:

Google research shows that “every month, more than 1 billion people watch more than 6 billion hours of YouTube video.” Impressive, right? This stat highlights the many features of the video-sharing platform that makes it ideal for advertisement. It shows the power that YouTube wields and how you can use it to gain new customers for your business.

Here are some of the outstanding benefits of YouTube adverts:

1. Improved Reach

YouTube combines the features of a social media network with a search engine. The combination of these features has had a positive impact on its reach. According to Forbes, YouTube meets the two categories of Internet users. These are those interested in social networking and those in search of information.

Forbes rates YouTube as second to only Google as a search engine. Its popularity in that category is more than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask combined. As a social media platform, it is the third most popular social media. So, it has what it takes to reach a large audience. Are you are contemplating taking your brand to the next level via online advertisements? If so, YouTube is a great platform you should consider exploring.

2. It Supports Advanced Targeting

Promoting your business to people who have little or zero interest in your brand may be a complete waste of time and resources. It is a different ball game when you specifically target those who show interest in what you have to offer. YouTube allows you to target people based on different criteria. You can use parental status, age, interests, gender, location, and more to define your target.

You can also narrow down your target. Rather than target general people with obesity issues, you can narrow it down to aged females with weight problems. This implies that you can target popular videos in your specific niche and place your video ads. The flexibility and advanced targeting features make YouTube a great marketing platform.

3. Higher ROI than Television Ads

Some companies such as GFK, BrandScience, MarketingScan, and others conducted a meta-analysis recently.

They discovered that brands will get higher ROI from YouTube advertisements than if they opt for traditional TV ads. This is irrespective of the pricing option you opt for, according to Search Engine Watch.

YouTube has an algorithm that can boost your reach. The algorithm suggests videos to viewers who are already watching related content. So, someone who wasn’t prepared to watch your ads may come across it on YouTube’s recommendation.

4. Easier Ad Metrics Tracking

Knowing your ad metric is a great way to review your ads campaign. It is important that you regularly go through your metrics and evaluate it. This will give you an idea of what is working and what isn’t.

With YouTube, evaluating your metrics is simple. You can get valuable information about cost, views, budget details, and more via Adwords from Google. Simply click Analytics table from your YouTube account. Here you will have access to valuable pieces of information about viewers. Depending on your pricing and format, you can have information like clicks, views, reach, engagement, and frequency.

If you wish, it is also possible to track your video viewership. With these metrics at your disposal, evaluating your metrics will be simple and straightforward. This enables you to understand how your ads are performing. You will also gain insight on what to tweak for improved results.

5. Longer Promotion Duration

When running most other types of ads, such as Google Adwords or a regular television ad, you can choose when the campaign will end. This depends on your campaign budget. YouTube ads don’t have such restrictions. You can run it for as long as potential customers search for related videos and watch the ads.

6. It’s Adjustable

While already running your ads, YouTube allows you to tweak them to meet your audience’s needs if you sense the need for a change. Take advantage of this feature when you understand what your audience really wants. How they are engaging with your ad will give you a clue into that. In all, Youtube allows you to make tweaks without messing things up, unlike other ad platforms.

7. Awesome After Effects

Through the comments section, viewers can interact with your ads if they find it relevant and engaging. Take a look at their comments to gain insight into the impact of your ads. Respond to them and boost your engagement further as you answer their questions. Provide more details about your brand that you cannot pack in a short video ad.

Tired of paying for Youtube ads even when people skip them? Create better and more compelling ads that will drive up your engagement rates. Make every cent you spend on Youtube advertising worth it.

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Chapter 5Is YouTube really worth it?

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