The Emergence of Ridesharing Platforms

Ride-sharing services are offered by a new generation of transportation companies. These are getting very popular in recent times. They connect private car owners with users in need of a ride. The users sign up on the client-side platform while the drivers have their own platform. When a user needs a ride, they type in their location and destination and request a ride. The app matches the rider with the closest driver. Then, they get taken to their preferred destination.

Quite a few ride-sharing companies have been popping up in major cities in the world. Uber and Lyft are the main players in this space. This new model of moving from one place to another has not come without its challenges. Regular taxis have rebelled against the usually cheaper and easier option. This has opened up several pressure points for rideshare companies and drivers. Despite the challenges, ridesharing has continued to grow in many cities.

Ride-sharing has caught on so quickly because it has some major advantages. Regular car owners get to earn some extra cash with their cars. They can drive whenever they have the time; they do not even need to quit their regular day jobs. They can also make it their regular job, only with longer hours. Ride-share users have access to different vehicles in different sizes and classes. One could order a basic car like a Toyota or go for a luxurious Lincoln.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is one of the major rideshare companies operational in the United States. Lyft launched in 2012. It was initially a carpooling business for long-distance rides and was called Zimride. The founders were Logan Green and John Zimmer. They grew Zimride until it was the largest of such platforms in the United States. The founders then had a new concept. They wanted a business model that created more frequent engagements. Meaning more rides than the infrequent rides they got on Zimride. Lyft was rebranded in 2013 and Zimride was sold. This allowed the duo to focus more on growing Lyft.

Lyft went with creating a relaxing atmosphere and informal culture for their riders. For instance, riders were persuaded to sit upfront with the driver and have a hearty high five at the start of every trip. Logan and John even took the informal culture a bit further. They provided each driver with a furry pink mustache which they attached to their grill. This created a hearty and fun environment for both the riders and drivers. This in turn helped their growth. The mustache was later retired and replaced with a more understated dashboard version. But that fun and carefree culture still remains till today

Lyft grew swiftly, conquering several American cities in a short period. The ride-share company has grown from 60 cities in 2014 to 350 by April 2019! As of January 2018, there were 23 million Lyft users. In 2018, Lyft was valued at a whopping $15 Billion. Riders have been getting on the Lyft bandwagon as shown by their swift growth. A big company like Lyft, with many moving parts, would need a lot of staff.

As of the end of 2017, Lyft had grown to a staggering 1.4 million drivers. From their launch to the end of 2018, Lyft drivers have collectively earned up to $10 billion. Yes, you read that right, $10 billion. For those that are considering a career at Lyft, either as a driver or as staff, there are lots of opportunities available.

Is Being A Lyft Driver A Valid Career Path?

It is mind-blowing to recall that these large ride-sharing companies like Lyft all started with a driver number of zero. Lyft has been this successful because drivers have been signing up on their platform.

The question still remains, do the drivers drive with Lyft as an actual career path or to make extra money on the side. This is a deep question as it has remained a topic of intense conversation over time.

Studies show that the majority of those driving for Lyft, about 91%, drive less than 20 hours per week. This is an indicator of the kind of people that drive for Lyft. It means that most people that drive for Lyft have day jobs; they just drive for Lyft to earn some extra income. This arrangement is perfect for most users. This is because they have control over their time and decide when to go online or not.

There is also a small percentage of drivers that take it as a full time job. They drive all day and sometimes even overnight. They are the ones that make the most money from Lyft.

As a full time career, driving for Lyft can be rewarding, but it requires a high level of commitment. This would only work for people who enjoy driving as an activity. It would also work for those that love meeting new people. This is important because the job has to be fun for you or it will become a drag, fast. That is why most people prefer to drive in their free time and not all day.

Careers At Lyft: How To Become a Lyft Driver

The process of becoming a Lyft driver is quite simple and straightforward. There are requirements for the driver, the car and documents that should be available to be considered.

For the driver, the first major requirement is that they must be at least 21 years of age. This is a no-brainer as most people don’t want an underage driver taking them anywhere. The driver must also have a valid driver’s license for at least a year. This is to ensure the driver is at least comfortable driving, since they have only been a legal driver for a year. The final requirement for the driver is that they should have a smartphone. This can either be an Android or iPhone.

There are also requirements for your vehicle. The car should not be too old and should meet the city’s vehicle age requirements. The car should also have four doors and at least 5 seats. Some documents are also necessary before you can sign up. The driver’s license mentioned above, proof of insurance, and a photograph of yourself.

You must also pass a background check. This background check is quite exhaustive. Lyft needs to know that they are employing drivers with a clean record. The background check is done in two ways. First, there is a Driving Record check. This includes checking any moving violations in the previous three years. It also includes any DUIs or drug-related violations in the past seven years. There is also a check for any vehicle related felonies in the last seven years.

The second part of the background check is a criminal background check. This includes a check for sexual violations, property damage, felonies, theft and so on.

Another important step in your application is your vehicle inspection. This should not be taken lightly as your application can be denied if your vehicle does not pass muster. There are basic parts of the car that is checked during an inspection that you should pay attention to. They include brakes, windshield wipers, brake lights, seat belts, and exhaust system.

After passing all these hurdles, you then have to wait for your application to get approved.

After approval, there is also a large sign-up bonus for new drivers. This is a great incentive for new drivers. When you do start driving for Lyft, it is a good idea to be nice and considerate of your riders. Apart from giving your riders a great experience, it is also a great way for you to get tips. The Lyft application process is thorough, but it is well structured so it doesn’t get too tedious. Lyft drivers can earn extra passive income by working with rideshare advertising platforms. They can use Tappin X to display relevant ads to their riders.

Careers At Lyft: Getting Started

Like most other job opportunities, the best place to start is the company’s careers page ( You can check out a list of all the available positions. Another good place to start is LinkedIn. You can apply for Lyft driving jobs there. One thing to note is that Lyft has offices in many major cities in the United States. You can also go into any office close to you to apply and register as a driver. It is important to note that when choosing a city to work from, feeding, accommodations and all those things should be considered.

An advantage to working with a company with several branches is that you can apply to any of the branches. The branches in bigger cities could be more competitive than smaller cities and harder to get into. It could be a good idea to apply to those smaller ones and bypass the rush and competitiveness in the bigger cities.

Lyft Careers: Other Departments

Lyft employs thousands of employees that work in several departments. There is a wide range of job competencies that can be applied for. The departments include accounting, communications, customer experience, legal, marketing and so on.

There are many opportunities for anyone looking for a career path at Lyft. Some of the departments, like Autonomous Vehicles, are new and doing interesting things. Lyft is growing and they are carrying their employees along.

Workplace Culture

At Lyft, the company culture can be summarized as: Be yourself, uplift others and make it happen.

Be yourself, be authentic, trust your process. Do things with confidence, like you belong and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Uplift others, be your brother’s keeper. It doesn’t matter who the man or woman of the moment is. You are all there to help each other out and make transportation magic happen.

Make it happen. This speaks to the can-do spirit of every Lyft employee. This is about owning your work. Let it not be said that you did not put your best foot forward, always.

The general workplace culture is upbeat. Each employee is encouraged to express themselves without stigmatization or segregation. There is freedom, freedom to express. The staff is nice and polite.

Diversity And Inclusion

Lyft is very committed to building a workplace that is both diverse and inclusive. There have been a lot of processes put in place to make sure there are constant improvements in these areas. Lyft is committed to an annual progress report and even a third-party evaluation. This is all done to create a lasting diverse and inclusive culture.

The company has recorded some progress in this area in the past few years. In 2018, Lyft recorded an increase in total female employees. The percentage stands at 40%. The percentage of females in leadership positions stand at 32.8%.

There is also a healthy mix of races in the employee pool. As of September 2018, 52.4% of Lyft employees were white, 22.9% Asian, 10.2% Black or African American and 9% Hispanic.

Lyft also partners with organizations like Paradigm, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Human Rights Campaign and others. These partnerships are all important in Lyft’s goal of building the best diverse and inclusive team they can.

Lyft Careers, Are They Worth It?

A career in any tech startup can be very demanding. It is necessary to research and go into it with both eyes open. That is why articles like this are important. Lyft, as one of the major ride-share companies in the world, is a major talent aggregator. It is important for potential employees to understand the work culture in such companies and what to expect.

Driving for Lyft is a career option that is very convenient for most people. Drivers usually go to their day jobs and then switch on their Lyft apps in the evenings and weekends to earn extra income. Of course, there are those that drive as a full time job too. These people get the most from Lyft and earn a lot more. But, either as a full time driver or as an occasional driver, driving for Lyft is very rewarding. Apart from the extra cash earned, meeting new people and exploring your city can be exciting.

For the other staff working at Lyft, they get to experience a great work environment. The employee benefits offered by the ride-sharing giant seem to be on par with industry standard. They are less formal and less rigid than most companies which is good. In terms of diversity and inclusion, Lyft is making a real effort to build competency in that area. This is also a good thing.


Ride-hailing is the future of transportation, there is no doubt about that. As a fast-growing industry, it means there will be other value-added services that come with it. One of these services comes in the form of advertising. Lyft drivers everywhere usually interact with thousands of Americans every day. This high number of eyeballs presents a unique opportunity for targeted advertising. Backseat Advertising provides a targeted and effective advertising strategy for its clients. Your message can go directly to your target audience in an unobtrusive way. It is guaranteed that the target audience will view it.

Rideshare ads are cost-effective and can be deployed in a variety of formats. They can also be location-specific, as the rider is driving through neighborhoods. The ads can be changed to feature those relevant to those neighborhoods. It is an exciting opportunity that business owners should consider exploring.

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Chapter 7 – Lyft Careers, Are They Worth It? 

Chapter 8 – Conclusion 

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