12 Types of Advertising For Business Growth

Advertising is the lifeblood of business promotion and marketing. With the continual growth of the digital space, businesses now have more advertising options available. The advent of the internet has made advertising a lot easier and cost-effective. The rise and popularity of different social media platforms presents different types of advertising opportunities.

There are different types of advertising you can adopt to promote your business and increase visibility. This article will discuss 12 types of advertising you can use to sell your products and services.

Display Ads

Display ads are a form of digital advertising that appears on websites. This ad type uses texts, images, graphics, logos, animations, and videos, targeted at website visitors. Most display ads are clickable; they lead to the advertising party’s website while some are not. These types of ads are placed on websites that are of interest to your target demographics. This is achieved through cookies. These serve as unique identifiers of specific computers. This is based on information that was collected from that device in the past. It helps to decide which ads are suitable for a particular visitor to a website.

Display ads are used for retargeting purposes. For instance, if a consumer visited your website without buying anything, display ads can target the user with ads. These will direct them back to your website. Cookies help advertisers to create a detailed profile of a user’s interests. You can then deliver well targeted ads. This process profiles a user based on their online activities and then targets ads at them. This is referred to as behavioral targeting.

Display ads may appear in different forms. Examples of mediums of executing display advertisements are:

  • Web banners
  • Pop-ups/pop-unders
  • Frame ads
  • Floating ad
  • News feed ads
  • Trick banners
  • Expanding ads

Web banners are graphical, video, or animation ads within a website. Floating ads appear over the website’s content. These usually include options to close them. Pop-ups open above the user’s browser window.

Search Engine Advertising

This is a type of advertising that leverages search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This ad type is used to increase a website’s visibility in search engine results. It’s a service offered by search engines. Sponsored results appear at the top of the result page followed by organic results. Google Adwords is the most popular platform for Search Engine Advertising. Advertisers are charged on a pay-per-click basis. This makes it easy to track the progress and measure the success of an advertising campaign. Advertisers are also satisfied because the system appears to be more accountable.

Search engine advertising may also be referred to as search ads. They are also known as paid search or sponsored search. This advertising type is based on keywords. Advertisers often bid on selected keywords. This ensures advertisers are included in the sponsored results of a search for selected keywords. Many businesses are exploring this advertising option to reach a wider demographic. They are also doing this to attract new customers.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is bringing people together in an unprecedented way. With these platforms, businesses have their audience in a single place. This means reaching out to them becomes a lot easier. Though most social media platforms appear free, they are actually not. Advertisers pay to make the website free for users, and that means more users can join. But, social media advertising can be paid or free.

Paid social media ads are advertisements designed to reach a specific target audience. Most social media companies offer either pay-per-click or pay-per-view advertising. Under pay-per-click, your ads are shown to a specific audience. Then, you are charged for each click generated. The beauty of this arrangement is that you can create awareness about your business. This is done through the impressions generated. For this method, you will only be charged when users click on the ad. Pay-per-view is quite different. You are charged every time your ad appears on the screen of a user. It doesn’t take into account whether it was clicked or not. This kind of social media ad is often used for advertising campaigns. The purpose of these is usually to create awareness about a product or service.

Organic social media ads are achieved through user engagement. Businesses and organizations have accounts on these social media platforms. They interact with their audience, create a community, and foster engagement. This is usually done through different activities. A company may offer giveaways. They can encourage their followers to share content to win prizes. This helps create awareness about the company. It also increases their following on the platform and helps create a community of fans.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are popular social media websites. With these, you can advertise your products and services. You can either do this through paid ads or organically.

Print Advertising

Print advertisements are ad types found in:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Periodicals
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Handouts

Print ads are some of the oldest forms of advertising. Newspaper and magazine ads are referred to as traditional. But, they are still very relevant, even in the present digital age. Many people still pick up newspapers to read every morning. Magazines are still part of pop culture. Flyers, leaflets, and handouts are still being used to create awareness. They can also promote products and services.

Placing ads on the center spread of a popular magazine or the back cover of a newspaper is still as golden as ever. The choice between online and print advertising depends a lot on the target audience you are trying to reach. Older audiences may be better reached through print media than online types of ads. Younger audiences, especially millennials are found most on digital platforms. They prefer to get the gist on Twitter than sit down to read a lengthy newspaper article.

Advertising in a magazine that’s related to your niche is a good way of reaching your audience fast. Magazine readers often read at their leisure. This means your message has better chances of making the most impact. Also, people keep magazines for a long time, sometimes magazines are kept for decades. This gives you several lasting opportunities for advertisement. Magazines usually serve a wide number of people. These are usually spread throughout a large geographical location.

Outdoor Advertising

There are different forms of outdoor advertising that your business can adopt to promote products and services. Billboards, road signs, and posters are some of the types of outdoor ads. Transit advertising, like posters on buses, taxis, and bicycles are also forms of outdoor advertising.

Large billboards can help get your message to a wide number of commuters. With digital billboards, you can present your information in a more attractive and interactive way. Billboards and other outdoor advertisements help brands achieve top of the mind advertising. Imagine the same people see your billboard every day as they walk or drive by. Your brand is likely to be the first that comes to their mind when they want to buy the kind of product or service that you offer.

Outdoor advertisement can give your business good recognition and reputation. This is because your advertisements are seen everywhere. But, these types of ads accommodate a limited amount of information. You should only include the most important info in a very attractive way. If you don’t, they might be difficult to read. This advertising type can be very expensive, especially in prime locations. But they create priceless visibility if you have the budget.

Radio and Podcast

Radio advertisement is one of the oldest types of ads. Radio is one of the most used means of information dissemination. This is especially true for rural and suburban areas. The number of people with access to radio in these areas exceeds that of television and other media. Radio advertisement can reach a wider audience than most other media.

You should find out the kind of radio station and programs your target audience listens to. Then, advertise on their favorite shows. You can also sponsor a program that interests them. The success of radio advertisement depends on how frequent people hear it. Listeners may forget what they have heard. The best way to solve this problem is to repeat your message regularly over a specific period of time. Let it sink into their subconscious. Regular and repeated advertisement may increase your cost. But, it’s the best way to engage your target audience via radio advertising.

You can also have ads playing on podcast shows. Identify the kind of podcast your target audience subscribes to. Then, create a compelling advertisement. Podcasts are often overlooked. But, a growing number of people are beginning to show interest in this medium. It can be a profitable source of advertisement.


Television gives advertisers a wide range of opportunities that radio advertising lacks. Television ads communicate the sense of sight and listening. It incorporates sight, sound, movement, and color to persuade viewers to buy. You can show how your product or service works and what consumers should expect.

These types of ads are ideal for businesses that have to cater to a large market that covers a large area. The production of television content is not cheap. It’s more expensive than other advertising types. The cost of buying advertising slots depends on many variables. These include the length of time, channel, and program. The reach of the station and if you want to buy spots on more than one network are other variables.

People spend long hours in front of their television set every day. Some of that time is spent consuming ads. It’s important to keep TV ads fascinating and appealing to the senses. This is what will make consumers always remember it.

Email and Direct Mail

Mail advertising can either be hardcopy or electronic mail. Direct mail or physical sales letters are sent to recipients. This can be to either their offices or home. The first step while using this method is to identify your target audience. Then, send your enticing offer to the prospects. You should measure the response. This will help you to see the types of customers that are making favorable responses. This will help you to be more precise in your next mail.

Email advertising is sending emails to your prospects after collecting their email addresses. Businesses ask for their customers’ email. Then, they send them updates on new products and services. You can also send them special promo codes and discount offers. This may be unsolicited or sent with the recipient’s prior consent. But, recipients should have the option to unsubscribe anytime they feel like.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising refers to ads delivered through mobile devices. These include smartphones and tablets. This may be static media ads, rich media displays, SMS, and MMS. Ads within mobile websites or ads within mobile apps and games also fall under this category. Most free mobile apps and games contain ads. This is how their developers make money.

Mobile ads allow location-based targeting and other technological features not available on PCs. Mobile advertising represents the biggest revenue share of social media companies. It helps advertisers reach a wider population of people. It also helps them to tailor their ads based on their audience needs.

Product Placement

This is the promotion of branded goods and services. This can be within a show, radio and TV programs, online video, or movie. This kind of advertising is usually done in an indirect manner. That is so the audience doesn’t feel they are experiencing an advertisement.

You may pay for a podcast host to mention using your product or a television show to feature your services. Youtube influencers do this a lot. They will feature your product in their videos. It could also be in movies or series. These companies provide funding to the movie producers. This is in exchange for using their products and services within the context of the movie. Sometimes you see actors in a movie using a particular product.

Product placement should be done within content and programs. Especially those that capture your targeted demography to get the best ROI. What if your product is for kids? Then you want to place your products in programs and movies that appeal to a child audience. What if your product or service is used in the sports industry? Then, you should be placing your product in sports related shows and programs.


Online directories list businesses and provide information about them. Having your business listed on relevant directories will help it appear in online search results. Some directories offer their services for free. But, some may have premium packages to increase business visibility. Online directories serve as substitutes. This is in case your website is not optimized to rank on the top of search engines. Many of these online listings have their website well optimized for search engines.

Consumers who refer to directories already have the intention to buy. They are looking for the right business to patronize.

There are also some print directories that offer business listings. But, this practice is fading out fast. Online directories have many advantages over print directories. One of these is that you can update information about your business with ease. If you change your business name, address, or telephone number, you can make an update to the directory. It also allows you to add new products, services and info about your organization.

Event Advertising

Event advertising refers to sponsoring events to advertise your company, products, and services. People at the event will remember your products and associate your brand with the event. This practice is common in the sports industry. Companies win rights to sponsor sporting events. Their company name is even included in the title of the events. Barclays Premier League is a good example. FIFA and other sporting associations accommodate sponsors for their events.

Your business can also sponsor local charities and community events in your area. The company sponsoring the event will also have the opportunity to put up banners. This will help them advertise their products at the venue. This is a huge opportunity to put your brand in front of thousands of people attending such a program.


Businesses explore many ways to advertise their products and create visibility for themselves. The competition in the 21st century business world keeps growing tougher. Companies are relentless in looking for new ways to put themselves in front of their audience and outsmart their competitors. Your business can benefit a lot from the different advertising types. Especially those that have been talked about this article.

The type of advertising to adopt depends on the scale of your business. It also depends on your target audience, finances, and budget. Other factors are the kind of products and services. Make sure you are advertising through the right channel. You want to reach consumers who will be interested in your product.

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Chapter 3 – Search Engine Advertising

Chapter 4 – Social Media Advertising

Chapter 5 – Print Advertising

Chapter 6 – Outdoor Advertising

Chapter 7 – Radio and Podcast

Chapter 8 – Television

Chapter 9 – Email and Direct Mail

Chapter 10 – Mobile Advertising

Chapter 11 – Product Placement

Chapter 12 – Directories

Chapter 13 – Event Advertising

Chapter 14 – Conclusion

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