Companies that wish to sell and keep selling in this new digital age have their work cut out for them. There are so many other products vying for the attention of the same set of customers. Do you want your product to sell? Even if it is the best product in the market, you have to draw the attention of potential buyers. You achieve this by combining different advertising techniques.

Advertising helps you publicize the interesting and attractive features of your product. Is your product is new, and you are trying to break into a market? Is your product already established, maybe even a market leader? The biggest brands have a consistent and well plotted advertising strategy.

You either advertise or are forgotten. Every business has to find new and effective ways to advertise. This is where different advertising techniques get deployed. Different advertising methods exist to pass your message across to your consumers. This is done to create a desire in them to buy your product. Advertising is expensive, so it is imperative that you make sure it is effective for you. Your ad spend should be bringing proportionate value to your company.

Factors That Determine What Advertising Techniques To Adopt

Advertising is a common tool employed by many businesses. But to get the best results, the right advertising techniques need to be employed. Your target audience will respond to different advertising styles in different ways. As an advertiser, it is important to understand what advertising technique to use. You need to choose the right one.

Here are some important factors to consider:

The Nature Of Your Product

The type of product you are trying to sell will inform the advertising technique that you use. For instance, say you want to sell a product that requires that you show its usage. When choosing advertising techniques, consider one that makes use of visual engagement models. This includes television and screen advertising.

Your Potential Market

What’s the whole reason for advertising your product or service in the first place? It’s usually to make a certain part of the population to buy your product. You may want to engage with it in some other way. Your product is probably not for everyone but a specific group of people. This “potential market” is where your advertising will be targeted. This classification could be based on income, location, age group, gender and so on. Depending on which part of the general population your ad is intended for, you have to choose the right advertising technique to reach them. This is very important, employing the wrong technique means your ad will reach the wrong audience. This will result in a huge waste of money.

Your Advertising Goal

Well, the general advertising goal for most businesses is to influence consumer behavior; to make them buy your product. But there might be different pathways to achieving that same goal. Your specific advertising objectives tend to dictate what advertising techniques you use. Do you want to increase your social media followership base? If so, you will need to go for techniques that are driven by social media and digital marketing.

Your Budget

Yes, everything in advertising hinges on how much money you have. You might have dreams of your ads reaching and engaging millions of people around the world. But all that depends on how much money you have to spend. Your budget will determine how you approach advertising and what strategies you use.

What Your Competitors Are Doing

Smart advertisers carefully study what their competition is up to. Even if your brand is the top brand in the market, you still have to be on your toes if you want to remain number one. It is important for you to be up to date on what your competitors are doing. What media they are using? What’s their expenditure? This information will help you determine what angle and techniques to use to position your product. Monitoring how their campaigns are going could provide you with important insights into the market and what works.

A note of warning though: Don’t blindly copy what your competitors are doing. It could be misleading and disastrous for your business.

Effective Advertising Techniques To Boost Sales And Revenue

There are loads of products and services that are always vying for the attention of customers in every market. Most times, customers go for products that meet their needs and speak to them on a basic level. There is usually an emotional component to the buying habits of consumers. There are some advertising techniques that explore that. There are some that appeal to the rational part of consumer’s brains. The important thing is picking one that is most suitable for your target audience.

There are time-tested advertising techniques. These will boost the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Here are some of them:

Emotional Advertising

Emotional media includes music, themes, and images and so on. Its use can have a lasting effect on the buyer. Especially when the customer can associate those positive emotional feelings with your brand. Digital advertising and broadcast media are the perfect tools. You can use them to drive your emotional advertising campaigns.

Music is one of the most potent drivers of positive emotional advertising. For many, music brings up fond memories. Associating these memories with your brand will only make it more relatable. When your brand is relatable to your potential customers, they are more likely to pick up your product or order your service.

Of course, you have to be careful to choose music that is well-liked and familiar. It is also a good idea to choose music that is associated with strong feelings like anger, love, elation and so on. These are more likely to create a positive action in your consumers. You should also know that these factors apply to all the different types of media that you might want to use.

Another advantage of the emotional advertising technique is that you can target it to specific regions. Imagine how uplifting and inspiring an ad can be with the National Anthem playing in the background. What if notable world figures were used in the visuals? You should be careful not to use copyrighted material in ads though. It could create some legal problems for you.

Promotions, Rewards, and Benefits

This is an effective advertising technique, if done right. This can be very effective if you are launching a new product. Any form of promotion or reward system for potential buyers would do a lot to drive sales and product usage. The excitement around getting free products or services makes this advertising technique a slam dunk.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand your target market. Find out what kind of rewards or benefits they will be excited about. Imagine your target market is high-class consumers with high tastes. They might be more interested in a promotion that offers them a free trip to an exotic location. Rather than one that gifts them with say, a washing machine. You have to know your audience to be able to squeeze the most value from your ad campaign.

Bandwagon Advertising

This is another effective advertising technique. It has worked for many companies over the years. This marketing technique involves convincing potential consumers that your product is selling fast. Also that other people are using it, and that they should follow suit.

This advertising method usually involves making general statements about how great the product is. Examples of such ads could be “Hundreds of women trust Product A with their hair. Join them and experience the difference.” These ads usually create an automatic positive response. Especially when the general statements make a connection between the product and something that is important, like patriotism.

Repetitive Advertising

You’ve likely seen television ads where the name of the brand or service is repeated over and over in the same ad. This is a simple but effective way to create identity awareness. It also puts your product in the consumer’s memory. It is not unusual to see other advertising techniques making use of this approach.

This technique is very effective if used properly. The repetition does not have to be in the face of the consumer, it could get annoying. It could be disguised in a way that is not too obvious. Visuals and copies can be useful alternatives to constant voice repetition. What happens when your brand name is repeated enough times during an ad? Even if the consumer cannot remember what your product is used for, they often remember the name. Sometimes, that is all that is needed.


This technique is a simple one and could be very effective and a lot of fun to implement. Take the basic concept of your brand that you want to advertise. Then you exaggerate it. Push it to the extreme, whether in the visuals you use or the copy that accompanies them. Make it larger than life. Pick out a problem that your product is solving or the benefits of your product. It could even be a physical characteristic like size or color or something along those lines. Take that component and exaggerate it, make it larger than life.

Huge exaggerations are interesting to the consumer. They also provide you with a powerful way of driving your concept and your brand story. This is not the time to be conservative. At this level, the rule of the game is to go big or go home.


The endorsement advertising technique uses popular personalities to help sell your product. It is easier for your consumers to identify with your brand when a celebrity they know and love is associated with the brand in some way. Usually, celebrities endorse brands by sharing their own experience with the product. While encouraging others to try the product, associating your brand with a famous individual creates a powerful psychological connection for the customer.

For example, companies selling sporting equipment use athletes that are the best in their fields. When you see that product in a store, you immediately associate it with excellence. This could potentially influence your buying behavior. This is the same way automobile manufacturers produce ads. They display their vehicles in front of fancy mansions. Cosmetics companies use the prettiest celebrities to advertise their products. It is all about the kind of things and people that your customers associate your product with. These kinds of ads bring about an emotional response in your customers. This emotional response is then linked to your product. It makes them want to buy it through transference.


This advertising method can be useful in creating advertising campaigns that are human. Humanizing your ad campaign in this manner makes it even more relevant. It also makes it interesting and engaging to your target audience. You can make your ad campaign more human by giving your service or product a voice, personality, and emotions. Basically, turning it into a person.

Many successful brands have used this advertising technique with tremendous success. If what you are advertising is a service, you can create a visual representation of the service. Some sort of icon that can be animated. There have been instances where financial service companies have animated credit cards and made them talk. The same concept can be used for products. There have been ads featuring characters from talking shampoos to grinning bar soaps. A lot of these kinds of ads have been recorded to have gained popularity among buyers. This is one technique you do not want to overlook.

Demographic Positioning

This is a common technique for businesses that offer a niche product or service. This is because this ad method helps you position your product to your target audience in a specific way. It is based on characteristics like their race, marital status, gender, income, sexual orientation, level of education and so on. Demographic positioning can open up potentially huge niche markets. Examples including dating websites for female professionals under 30. It could also be candy bars that are only meant for female teenagers.


Advertising in the modern world has progressed in a big way. The times when TV and print advertising dominated the entire landscape is no more. Now we have the new kid on the block. Digital Marketing is giving the others a run for their money. These changes have necessitated the implementation of new and exciting advertising techniques. These have been discussed in detail in this article. There are common advertising techniques. They have been tried and tested over the years by both big and small brands and are some of the options available. Others are newer methods that have shown promising results. Yet, others involve knowledge of some digital marketing tricks. These include SEO, social media management and so on. Whichever one you go for, be sure it is one that can work for you.

For any brand or company trying to sell a service or product, there are different options to choose from. Backseat Advertising is sitting pretty on a new and extremely effective form of advertising. This is known as rideshare advertising. Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft complete millions of rides daily. This positions these cars as prime drivers of advertising (pun intended). You can reach your audience with amazing precision. This is done by engaging with them inside their Uber or Lyft cars during their rides. It is easy, simple and effective. This is because your target audience is also a captive audience, zero distractions. Backseat Advertising will help you reach who you want to reach with ease and simplicity.

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