Advertising is crucial to business success. Successful businesses and brands understand the importance of always being in front of their target audience to generate sales.

There are different advertising options that businesses leverage. Apart from traditional newspapers, other available options include:

These advertising mediums work. But, there are certain niches and verticals that have been banned from using these mainstream channels. Non-traditional businesses in certain industries face a lot of stiff rules and restrictions. Especially when it comes to advertising their products. Such verticals include:

  • Gambling
  • Adult entertainment
  • Dating
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Weed
  • Other related products

Many of these products have been banned from conventional TV and radio commercials.

The internet is also a heavily regulated space for many of these products. They and related keywords have been flagged on the social media advertising platforms. These restrictions have made it difficult for these products to attract new customers.

It isn’t all gloom, though. The good news is there is an emerging industry that is yet to be regulated. What is the new non-traditional advertising medium non-traditional industries can take advantage of? Backseat Advertising.

What Is Backseat Advertising?

Backseat Advertising is a type of rideshare advertising. It uses tablets placed at the headrest of rideshare vehicles to display ads to riders. This is a new and unique way for businesses to reach their target audience. This means you can place your products in front of a willing audience, without any interruptions or distractions.

A lot of social media ads convert poorly. This is because too many things are fighting for the attention of the customers. Too many videos, too many ads, and they can easily scroll past your ad without taking any action. But with backseat advertising, you have the attention of the rider for the entirety of the trip. This means they have enough time to engage with your product/service. This increases your chances of converting them.

Advertising With Backseat Advert

Backseat Advertising is an advertising company. It was created to support blacklisted companies on regular advert platforms. It offers them a platform to advertise their brands without restrictions.

Backseat Advertising will help you put your product in front of consumers. The advertising platform partners with Tappin X to do this. Backseat Advert aims to provide brands with a promotional platform with a global reach.

How does it Work?

Backseat Advertising doesn’t take the conventional advertising approach. Rather, it adopts a creative technique that appeals to a wide range of people. While riding with any rideshare vehicle on Tappin X’s platform, passengers can watch a series of adverts during their trip.

This is an effective marketing strategy. Rideshare drivers transport people from one location to another every day. While embarking on the journey, they should watch your advertising messages. Imagine the number of people that use Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services daily. Smart business owners are waking to the limitless possibilities. They’re excited about how they can use this non-traditional advertising channel to grow their revenue.

When you place your advert on Backseat Advertising, you have access to Tappin X and its advert tools. Tappin X offers rideshare drivers an opportunity to earn passive income. They can do this by displaying ads to their riders. Backseat will make your advert available to drivers registered on the Tappin X platform. So, you can reach riders without hassle. Whether they are using Uber, Carma, Lyft or Sidecar, passengers will see your adverts while taking a ride.

Broadcast media request different formats for adverts. Tappin X doesn’t place this restriction on non-traditional advertising on its platform. It uses the best and latest digital formats for adverts.

You have two advert options: the digital still advertising spot or the digital video spot. Each of these formats is acceptable for promotion.

Why Backseat?

Are you wondering what Backseat has to offer your business? Here are some of the benefits of promoting your brand on the advert platform:

  • No discrimination: There is discrimination against some brands across traditional advertising networks. But, Backseat doesn’t discriminate. It allows all types of legitimate businesses to give their brands the right exposure. Whatever the service you offer or the product you sell. The platform is ready to give you that extra pair of hands you need to get to your consumers.
  • Cost effective: Advertising on Backseat is cost effective. It is also inexpensive compared to mainstream channels. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy its services. It offers a wide range of advert options at affordable prices. You don’t need a big budget to get started with Backseat Advert.
  • No advert pausing or fast-forwarding: While your message is played, passengers can’t fast forward the advert or pause it. So, you get a chance to capture their full attention and have them watch the entirety of your advert. This makes it easy for them to decide if they want your product or service. This is because they will fully understand what it is about.
  • Customizable messages: Your message should speak to your audience. Backseat is also aware that your target audience may respond to different messages. Hence, it allows you to customize your message to address each need.
  • No unwanted banners or pop-ups: Many people dislike pop-ups and banners. They find them irritating. They usually cause a distraction. This is typical of social media ads. This explains why engagement and conversion rates continue to plummet on these platforms. Backseat doesn’t use banners or pop-ups. So, your customers can watch the entire promo video without unnecessary distraction.
  • Unaltered advert: After creating your advert message, Backseat Advertising takes over the promotion. The company doesn’t alter your promo content. It promotes it in its pure form. So, rest assured that your brand will be promoted just the way you want it. No content addition, no subtraction.
  • Visual promotion supported: A good percentage of brands use visual promotion. This explains why businesses are investing in video promos. Backseat allows you to reach your audience with your video advert message with ease.
  • Wide reach: The advert company promises to be “your gateway to an untouched group of consumers.” That is right. It has a large audience you can explore with your promotion. Through Tappin X, you can promote your brand to all the 50 states in the US. It is working towards expanding its reach to other countries. This will allow you to establish a presence in several countries across the globe.
  • Direct contact with potential consumers: Rideshare advertising is the closest thing to one-on-one advertising. It brings you closer to the people in a unique way and makes your brand relatable.

Backseat Advertising Ads Rates

Advertising rates depend on your preferred advert level. The platform offers three levels with different levels of exposure. These are:

  • National: The national promotion offers placements in at least 10 US states.
  • Regional: The company will play your advert in more than two states. You can’t get up to 10 states for the promo, though.
  • Local: If you select this option, Backseat will promote your brand in one state. If you desire customization for local geographic, you will get it.

Note that irrespective of your choice, all adverts have a flat 15 second spot per vehicle rate. Depending on your advert budget, you can get longer placements. For instance, you can create movie trailers for promotions. The frequency of placement is determined by your budget, too.

The official ads rates are:

  • National placements: 0.15 per 15 second spot.
  • Regional placements: 0.19 per 15 second spot.
  • Local placement: 0.25 per 15 second spot.

Agency Rates

The advert company also makes provision for agencies that are working on behalf of their clients. It supports both local and national advertising agencies.

Local Advertisers

Local advertisers can take advantage of the special package specifically designed for them. You can choose from any of the options below:

  • 4,000 advertising spots: $1,000.
  • 11,000 advertising spots: $2,500.
  • 23,000 advertising spots: $5,000.
  • 48,000 advertising spots: $10,000.

If you have more than a $10,000 budget as a local advertiser, contact the company for its specialized rates.

The advert company supports monthly or quarterly advertising messages placements. You select the placement number that fits into your budget.

National Advertisers

Some agencies work on the national level. If you wish to cover the entire nation or some parts of it, there are some packages for you as well.

Backseat allows you to select a section of the country for adverts. You can choose up to 20 states for an exclusive promotion.

Do you want to create different promotions for a wide range of products and target several states? If so, Backseat Advert can help you do that too. You also don’t have to worry about using different time lengths for advertising messages. Backseat has a provision for that.


Advertising has never been this easy for non-traditional advertising businesses in non-traditional verticals. With Backseat Advertising, you can create customized ad messages. You can also reach prospective customers without breaking a sweat. Rideshare advertising helps you place your brand right before the eyes of riders. They get to watch your ads throughout the entirety of their trip. This alone can drive massive engagement rates and sales.

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Chapter 6 – Agency Rates

Chapter 7 – Conclusion

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