Advertisement plays a vital role in business. Without a solid advertising strategy, it is almost impossible for a business to stay profitable. For a business to thrive, it must continually look for effective advertisement options to reach new prospects.

When it comes to advertising options, there are a lot of choices open to businesses. Yet, a good business owner or strategist knows that some options are more effective than others. This article will discuss two advertising options: external billboards and in-car entertainment advertising. These two models have been shown to work, but which is more effective?

This article will review each advertising option. At the end, you’ll be in a better position to decide which will help your business generate more leads and customers.

What Are External Billboards?

For a long time, external billboard businesses used this advertising form to attract people’s attention. They did this to highlight their message, products, and services. External billboards are large posters where advertisements are printed. Billboards are installed in places with high numbers of drivers and pedestrians.

External billboards are built in places with high traffic to reach a broad audience. This includes airports, highways, and other busy routes. Billboards have simple, bold, and striking messages. These messages are usually coupled with images that will capture viewers’ attention.

With the advent of digital billboards, there is more room for a billboard to house many adverts. These adverts switch at intervals.

What Are The Benefits Of External Billboards?

Despite the steep cost of installing billboards, it is an effective means of advertisement. This is why it has been able to stand the test of time. Here are some of the benefits of external billboards:

  1. A lot of people see it

Billboards are situated in busy locations and routes. This implies that a lot of people will see your adverts. This is an ideal way to create awareness for your brand as your campaign will receive a lot of eyes.

  1. It works 24/7

Once you’ve installed a billboard, it will work every day of the week, both day and night, until you remove it. As long as your billboard is intact, you will get repeated exposure. This isn’t the same with radio or TV adverts that are only played for a limited time.

  1. It allows you to target audience in a specific location

Billboards allow you to target people in specific locations. This implies that you can install your billboard where your prospects are. This makes it easy for you to focus on your prospects with your advertising message. Doing this could eventually lead to better conversions.

  1. It allows you to target a diverse audience

Billboards serve as a one size fits all marketing campaign. With a billboard, you can reach different types of audiences in the same location. You do not need to launch different adverts for various age groups or sets of people. This makes billboards a great way to reach people who might not be your ideal customer but may be interested in the products or services your brand offers.

What Are The Challenges of External Billboards?

Brands have adopted billboard advertisements for a long time because it works. But, like every other marketing strategy, it has its hiccups. Here are some of the significant challenges of external billboards:

  1. You can’t target a specific market

Billboards are usually positioned at busy locations. This implies that different people with little in common will see your advertisement. There is a high probability that people who have no interest in your offerings will see your advert. With a billboard, it can be difficult to get laser-targeted eyes on your advert.

  1. It is hard to measure

Another downside of billboards is that it can be difficult to measure how effective your campaign is. You can barely tell what is working and what isn’t. This means there is no quantifiable data to measure your campaign, which is bad for business in this era. Ad campaigns are all about data and stats now.

  1. Rarely engages the target audience

It takes a lot of work for a billboard to capture and engage people. This is because the target audience, drivers and passersby are almost always on the move. Most times, they only have a few seconds to spare looking at a billboard. This means billboards rarely engage the target audience. When engagement rate is low, the result is poor conversion.

  1. It is expensive

Billboards can be pretty expensive to erect. You’ll need to spend money to design and print your billboard. Plus the regular rental fee to keep your advert up. This is one of the reasons it isn’t an ideal advertising option for small businesses running on a lean budget.

How Much Do External Billboards Cost?

The cost of erecting an external billboard varies. There are a couple of factors that determine the pricing.

The three main factors that affect the cost of external billboards are:


Geographic locations vary in population and demographic. The more populated a location is, the more costly it will be to place a billboard there. Rural areas have less traffic, so it costs less to place an advertisement there. On the average, billboard adverts in rural areas cost $250 or more per month.

In big cities like Los Angeles and New York City, billboard advert costs around $2000 to $15,000 per month. This depends on the population around the billboard site. Different criteria like age, gender, and income level of the inhabitants of an area also play a role in how much a billboard will cost.

Billboard Size

Billboards vary in sizes. A giant billboard is more expensive compared to mid-size or small ones. An 8′ by 16′ is less costly than 10’6 by 36′. So is a 10’6 by 36′ to a 14′ by 48′ billboard.

Cost of Billboard Production

You will also need to pay for the designing and printing of your billboard poster. This could cost around $700 or more. If it is a digital billboard, you will have to factor in the price of shooting the ad video.

Now to in-car entertainment.

What Is In-Car Entertainment Advertising?

In-car entertainment is a form of rideshare advertising. To understand what in-car entertainment advertising is, you should take a look at ridesharing. Ridesharing evolved out of a need to revolutionize the transportation system in urban cities. With the ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, people can hail a ride to take them to their destinations within a few clicks.

The surge in the number of rideshare users led to the emergence of rideshare advertising. Rideshare advertising agencies help brands and businesses leverage the rideshare industry to reach their target audiences. Rideshare advertising agencies use rideshare rides to convey advertisements to riders. This type of advertisement is known as “in-car entertainment.” In-car entertainment uses geofencing to show highly targeted ads to rideshare riders. This, in turn, increases engagement and conversion rates.

With in-car entertainment, your advertisement will be displayed on a tablet installed in the back seat of a rideshare vehicle. Passengers can then watch and interact with your adverts as their driver takes them to their destination.

What Are The Benefits of In-Car Entertainment?

It is highly targeted.

In-car entertainment gives you the liberty to tailor your ads to reach a particular audience. It uses of geofencing and geo-targeting technologies. These two technologies study a passenger’s phone usage, location, and behavioral patterns. The data will then be used to show tailored advertisements that are relevant to them.

It is measurable

In-car entertainment is measurable. There are analytic tools to see how your campaign is performing. This can help you determine how effective your campaign is. You can know your conversion rate and how your audience interacts with your ad. This will allow you to tweak your advertisement for improved engagement and conversion rates. You will be able to get real-time feedback on your advertisements.

It is cost-effective

In-car entertainment does not require a big budget like billboards, TV or radio ads. It also does not require printing like billboard adverts. It is ideal for small brands with a lean budget. It’s also ideal for big brands that need a cost-effective and efficient marketing solution.

It is flexible

With in-car entertainment, you are in total control of your advertisement. You can make tweaks on your advertising campaign without ripping a hole in your pocket. You also get to decide the format of your ad.

What Are The Challenges of In-Car Entertainment?

Government interference

Rideshare companies are suffering from the interference of government in their business. The business model of rideshare companies is still new. So, government officials impose heavy restrictions on these companies. In some states, rideshare rides are not allowed to operate at the airport. Also, some states restrict drivers from using their rideshare ride for advertisement.

How Much Does In-Car Entertainment Cost?

In-car Entertainment cost varies depending on the agency you’re advertising with. To know how much advertising will cost, you will need to request a direct quote from the agency you’re using.

In-Car Entertainment Vs. External Billboards: Which Is More Effective?

Take a close look at In-Car Entertainment and External Billboards. You’ll discover that In-Car Entertainment is better than External Billboards. Especially in targeting, engagement and conversion rates. In-car entertainment advertising delivers outstanding results. Plus, they do it for a fraction of the cost of billboards.

In-car entertainment advertising is flexible and measurable. You have real-time data to review your campaign performance. These and other reasons are why it is considered a more effective and efficient mode of advertising. Smart businesses are already taking advantage of this unique advertising model. By doing so, they’re attracting new leads and customers.

What In-Car Entertainment Advertising Company Should You Work With?

There are a couple outfits out there but Backseat Advertising is in a league of its own. The technology is superb. They run a transparent platform that helps businesses get results.

What Is Backseat Advert?

Backseat Advert is an in-car rideshare advertising company. It allows you to promote your brand, products, or services in the back seat of rideshare cars across the United States. Backseat Advert helps you reach the right audience with your campaign. They also partner with Tappin X to display relevant and targeted adverts in the backseat of rideshare vehicles.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise With Backseat Advert?

Backseat Advert uses different criteria to determine the cost of your adverts. Some of these criteria include the duration of your adverts and the frequency of your placement.

The frequency of your placement is the reach of your advertisement. Your adverts could be displayed at the local, national, or regional level. To know more about Backseat Advert’s pricing, check the rates here.

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