Business owners are always looking for new ways to promote their products and services. One effective way to reach new prospects and get leads is via effective advertising.

While there are a lot of advertising options out there, this article will focus on two of them: Backseat Advertising and Google Ads.

This article will review both advertising options and what is unique to each. So, you will be able to determine which of the two advertising options can give you the best ROI.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform that allows brands to reach prospects and get fresh leads with paid adverts.

Google Ads allows your advert to show on the search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. Google will then display your ads to users once they search for keywords that you set up an advertisement for.

For example, imagine you launch Google advert for the search term “law firm in Florida.” Google will display your ads at the top of its search engine result pages each time someone searches for “law firm in Florida.”

Google Ads is one of the most effective means of advertising. This is partly due to the fact that Google Search is the most popular search engine in the world. It is used to conduct over 3.5 billion search queries every day.

Google is the first place internet users turn to for solutions to their problems. This means that most people use Google with the intent to buy products or services that will solve their problems.

Google Ads also operates on a Pay-Per-Click model. With this model, you will be charged when someone clicks on your adverts. This pricing model makes Google Ads a good advertising option for brands irrespective of their size and budget.

Google Ads’ Pay-Per-Click pricing can be divided into three sub-models. They include: Cost-per-mille, Cost-per-clicks, and Cost-per-engagement.

Cost-per-mille: Here, Google will charge you per 1000 impressions.

Cost-per click: With this type of ads, you will only be charged when someone clicks on your ads.

Cost-per-engagement: Here, you will be charged only when someone interacts your ads. This form of interaction can be when someone watches your video or fills out your contact form.

What Are The Types of Google Ads Campaigns?

Google Ads Campaigns come in different variations. Before you launch your first advertisement on Google, you should get familiar with the different types of Ads Campaigns that are available on the Google Ads platform.

This section will outline two major types of Google Ads Campaigns to consider:

1) Search Network

Search Network campaigns are text-based adverts. They appear at the top end of the search engine result pages. Search Network campaigns are displayed to searchers each time they search for a relevant keyword on the Google Search Engine.

These campaigns have a green symbol with the inscription “ad” in front of them.

Search Network campaigns can also come in the form of images. They can be displayed in the Google image section.

2) Display Network

Display Network campaigns are not displayed directly on the Google website. This is unlike Search Network campaigns. Instead, they’re displayed on different third-party websites that partner with Google. Google leverage these websites using a partnership scheme known as Google Adsense. Currently, more than 2 million websites partner with Google.

Display Network campaigns come in different formats. They can appear in the form of banners on Google partnered websites or as short pre-roll videos before a YouTube video. Display Network Ads can also appear as adverts on the Gmail platform.

What Are The Benefits of Google Ads?

Results are faster and easier to launch

Google Ads gives you instant results. Meaning, you can reach new prospects and generate fresh leads instantly. You can also get the top spot on the search engine result pages. You can do this without spending a lot of time to create quality content and build quality backlinks.

It is measurable and scalable

Google Ads has a transparent dashboard that you can use to track your ad metrics. With these metrics, you can see what works and what doesn’t on a granular level. This will give you an insight on how to improve your campaigns for better results.

It is flexible

Google provides you with a lot of customization options. With these options, you can tweak your adverts to fit a specific need for your audience. This will give you the chance to launch laser-targeted adverts. They will reach the audience in a specific location or those who are using a specific device.

Brand awareness

If you want to create awareness for your brand and products then Google Ads is an ideal way for you to do so. Getting featured on Google’s search engine result pages will allow you to reach new prospects. Google Ads will also allow you to display your adverts to their partner’s web visitors. This will bring a lot of eyes to your business.

What Are The Challenges of Google Ads?

It has a steep learning curve

Google ads will convert and bring in new leads. Before you launch it, you need to learn about:

  • Keyword research
  • Search volume
  • The intent behind the searches

It takes time to know which keywords convert better, the best ad format, and the set of people you should target.

You’re paying for clicks, not results

Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression model. This implies that you’re paying for clicks and not for results. Also, the impression or clicks you pay for are just that, impressions and clicks.

It can be expensive

With Google Ads, you do not have the liberty to control how much your ads will cost. Google will determine the cost of your ads based on your niche and how competitive the niche is. Plus how much other advertisers are willing to pay for certain keywords.

More often than not, you find yourself in a bidding war with your major competitors. They won’t stop until they chase you from the top positions.

It’s ignored by a lot of people

When was the last time you clicked on an ad willingly? The truth is that a lot of people ignore Google adverts. No matter how well optimized your ad is, some of your potential customers still might not see it.

Also, a lot of people use ad blockers to restrict Google from reaching them with adverts.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

When it comes to how much Google Ads cost, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. This is because there are a lot of variables that affect the cost of your ads. One of these variables is how competitive your industry is.

If you’re in a less competitive industry, the cost per click will be low. But, if your in a competitive industry like Law, Insurance, and Mortgage, adverts can cost up to $55 per click.

Nonetheless, on average, Search Network Ads cost $1-$2 while Display Ads cost under $1.

How Do You Launch A Google Advert?

To launch your first Google ads, you will need to have a Google account. After that, visit the Google Ads website and click “Start Now.” You will then be taken through a series of procedures that you’ll use to set up your adverts. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to get your advertisements up and running.

What Is Backseat Advertising?

The term “Backseat Advertising” is a product of the ridesharing industry. Ridesharing is a transportation system. It allows passengers to arrange vehicles to take them to their destination using  their smartphone. This implies that a passenger can arrange a ride anywhere, as long as they have a smartphone that’s connected to the internet.

Today, rideshare vehicles are used to display targeted advertisements to rideshare riders. There are different types of rideshare adverts. But, this section will focus on Backseat Advertising.

Backseat Advertising involves using tablets to display targeted ads to rideshare passengers. These tablets are installed in the backseat of rideshare vehicles. Businesses are exploring this unique advertising model to attract qualified leads and customers.

What Are The Benefits of Backseat Advertising?

It easy to set up

Backseat Advertising is easy to set up. You do not need to invest a lot of time to learn how to launch backseat advertising. Your advertising agency does most of the work. You will only be responsible for providing your advertisements and your target audience.

You can track the progress of your ads

Another major benefit of backseat advertising is that it has analytic tools. These allow you to track the progress of your adverts. With this metric, you can edit and tweak your adverts to improve engagement and conversion rates.

It is highly targeted.

Backseat advertising lets you send laser-targeted advertisements to your potential customers. This form of advertisement uses geofencing and geo-targeting. It monitors passengers’ phone usage and sends them ads that are relevant. This is done by using the data gathered on their smartphone.

It is affordable

You do not need a huge budget to launch backseat adverts. With a decent budget, you can have your adverts up and running in no time.

What Are The Challenges of Backseat Advertising?

Limited Reach

Backseat advertising is a relatively new niche. So, the reach is still limited to certain countries and cities. If you are looking to attract a global audience, backseat advertising may not be the best option at this moment.

How Much Does Backseat Advertisement Cost?

Backseat advertisement does not have a fixed price. Your rideshare advertising agency will determine the cost of your advertisement.

Backseat Advertising vs Google Ads: Which Is More Effective?

Google ads work fine and can help you get results. Are you looking for effective advertising without the steep learning curve and bidding war that comes with Google ads? If so, consider going with backseat advertising.

Backseat advertising serves your ads to a captive audience. This guarantees engagement and ultimately drives up conversion rates.

Backseat Advertising is a revolutionary model that is entertaining and engaging. This draws in riders and causes them to take your desired action with ease.

What Backseat Advertising Company Should You Work With?

There are a couple of backseat advertising companies out there. But, Backseat Advert is one of a kind. It has a business structure that’s effective, efficient, transparent, and affordable. Backseat Advert will help your brand connect with potential customers faster.

What is Backseat Advert?

Backseat Advert is an in-car rideshare advertising company. They serve as an intermediary between the brand and its potential customers. Backseat Advert promotes brands, products, and services in the United States.

The company partners with Tappin X to display relevant and targeted ads in the back of rideshare vehicles.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise With Backseat Advert?

Backseat Advert uses different criteria to determine the cost of your adverts. Some of these include the duration of your adverts and the frequency of the placement of your ads.

The frequency of your placement is the reach of your advertisement. Your advert could be displayed at the local, national, or regional level. To get more details about Backseat Advert’s pricing, check the rates here.

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Chapter 4 – What Backseat Advertising Company Should You Work With?

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