How would you like to promote your business? Would you prefer in-car entertainment or have your advertisement wrapped on vehicles?

Every business has its own target audience. These are individuals or businesses your product is designed for. Competitors wanting to catch the fancy of the same set of people you are aiming to reach. But how do you stand out among competitors? How do you gain the attention of your target audience in the easiest way possible? You do it through deliberate and strategic advertising. Advertising is a creative effort designed to get your target audience’s attention.

In this article, you will learn about an emerging industry in the advertising space. Rideshare advertising. You’ll also see a comparison of the two popular formats: in-car entertainment and car wrap. This will help you decide which option is more effective. Especially when it comes to engagement and conversion.

What Is Advertising?

Advertising is an art of promoting a product or service. Advertising requires a medium for the brand message to be conveyed. The medium can be traditional or non-traditional outlets.

The advertising space is changing face on a daily basis. From newspaper and magazine advertisements to TV and radio commercials. The invention of the following technologies has caused significant disruptions in the industry:

  • World Wide Web (www)
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media

The internet makes digital product promotion possible for businesses. Why? The online space is the new home to more than 65% of the world’s population. This makes the internet a go-to platform for brands to promote and deliver their messages. They can also engage with their current and prospective customers. The internet reduced the impact of traditional media. But it didn’t end there.

Today, advertising has taken a new dimension. Businesses now have a wider range of options to promote their brands. Rideshare advertising has ushered in alternatives to internet and social media advertising. Other methods of advertising now have to compete with this innovative advertising option.

What Is Ridesharing?

About a decade ago the transport industry saw a magnificent disruption. It changed the landscape of the transport system in the United States. Ridesharing happened amid anxiety over increasing congestion at various transport terminals. The population was increasing fast. The existing transport seemed inadequate for the transportation needs of the ever-changing population.

Ridesharing became the most viable solution. There would no longer be a need to wait in a long line for public transportation. A new system of transportation emerged. Passengers could now connect with drivers for a ride to their destination with ease. Ridesharing became the new order in the transport sector. In turn, this has birthed several other innovations. This idea has changed the face of advertising in the last 3 to 4 years.

The most popular ridesharing companies in the United States today are Uber and Lyft. These companies are built to provide proven transportation solutions to the people. Their operations have eased the lives of people. Numbers don’t lie. For an example, take a look at the period of Uber’s existence. More than 75 million users have entered their vehicles in more than 80 countries. There are several other ridesharing companies. But, Uber and Lyft stand out due to their long straight years of integrity and reputation.

Rideshare Advertising

The idea behind In-Car Entertainment and Car Wrap

Rideshare advertising is a unique advertising model that leverages the rideshare industry. The swell in the numbers of rideshare cars in the U.S has inspired several innovations. Advertising agencies have invented new ways to reach a wider audience. This happens with targeted messages.

Advertising agencies pay drivers to show adverts in or on the car. These are displayed to their passengers and passers-by. Drivers do not have to talk to passengers about any brand or product. Drivers get paid for providing avenues where a brand’s target audience can be reached. This setup gives drivers a way to earn extra cash without extra work.

This method of advertising ensures you’re targeting the right audience with relevant messages. Rideshare advertising agencies use geofencing. This technology detects locations and displays appropriate adverts. These adverts are based on the geographical location of passengers. This guarantees higher engagement and conversion rates. The ads are laser-targeted and relevant to the audience.

Backseat Advert is a rideshare advertising agency. They partner with Tappin X to display unobtrusive videos of products and services. These videos are timed and stamped using facial recognition technology. This helps to scale the level of engagement a particular advert generates.

Rideshare Advertising Options

Are you investing in rideshare advertising? If so, you may have the dilemma of either choosing in-car entertainment or car wrap. Each of these options has their pros and cons. Each option will be explained based on:

  • The level of engagement each offers
  • Cost of campaign
  • Conversion rate
  • Return on investment (ROI)

In-Car Entertainment

In-car entertainment is an innovative advertising idea. It has caused an upset in the balance of the advertising space. It refers to the form of advertisement placed inside a rideshare car. The idea is to grab the attention of passengers with adverts of product or service they may like. The adverts are targeted and tailored to their preferences.

Drivers sign in to the app of their preferred rideshare agency using their tablets. Companies like Tappin X can provide tablets for rideshare drivers that do not have one. Drivers need to log in and install their tablet in the backseats of rideshare rides. These tablets display adverts to passengers on their way to their destinations.

In-car advertisements can outperform TV ads, because they are more targeted. The passengers are only shown adverts that match their interests and preferences. This is contrary to regular TV ads. TV ads target the general population, thereby lowering its impact on your business. The magic happens right inside rideshare cars but the impact is long-lasting. In-car advertisements are easily digestible because they are in video format. Studies have shown that people find it easier to process, retain and remember messages in videos than text.

In-car entertainment ensures that your message is directly visible to a truly captive audience. It is a novel but highly effective mobile advertising-only initiative. This guarantees that your message is actually viewed by your target audience. It gives you visibility to consumers that are already “captured” inside the vehicle.

Internet users can be distracted by other ads competing for their attention. But passengers in rideshare cars cannot. There is a high level of engagement with in-car entertainment. Passengers naturally engage with it as it is less invasive and unobtrusive. Your brand message is displayed, delivered and viewed by potential and current customers. This is done without intruding in their space or trip.

Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is an example of on-car advertisement. This model of advertising involves covering a part or the entire body of a car with an advert message. The lettering is usually bold. They contain very visible graphic advertising of a particular brand or business. It is another great way of bringing your brand to the eyes of potential and current customers.

Car wrapping is the mobile version of billboards. They contain still pictures and colorful text about certain brands. This method is not only used in the business sector. Politicians and NGOs can use it as well to advance their campaign. It has the potential to give a wider publicity to whatever cause it is intended to promote.

The idea of using vinyl wraps on cars is to give wider publicity to a product or service. Meanwhile, not all rideshare companies permit car wrapping. Uber for example prohibits car wrapping. But, companies like Lyft allow drivers to plaster their cars with promotional banners.

Pros and Cons of In-Car Entertainment


Highly targeted: In-car advertisement reaches a highly targeted audience. This is unlike on-car advertisements that target the general population. In-car entertainment targets passengers with relevant messages that answer their biggest question. This is a more effective way to promote a product or service.

Higher engagement level: Passengers are fed with the most relevant adverts. This is done with the use of geo-fencing technology. It is much easier for passengers to engage with adverts that are intended for them. Riders interact with messages that resonate with them. The videos are a combination of information and entertainment.

Higher conversion rate: Conversion rates are usually high with in-car entertainment. This is because the adverts are targeted and tailored to the needs of passengers. They interact with advert videos. Then, they take appropriate steps if the message resonates with them.

Cost-effectiveness: Another important benefit of in-car entertainment is that it is cost-effective. It is cheaper when compared to on-car advertisements, like car wrapping. It is affordable for small and medium businesses with a shoestring marketing budget.

Measurability: In-car advertisement also allows you to track your progress. You can find out how effective your marketing campaign is by how passengers engage with your ads. The ads performances are monitored digitally. So, it is easier to use online analytics to measure your ad engagement and ROI. This is amazing! On-car advertisements, like car wrapping, don’t give any room for real-time measurement.

Flexibility: In-car entertainment allows you to make changes with little or no cost. This is not realistic with car wrapping as it takes time and resources to update a campaign.

Pros and Cons of Car Wrapping


It reaches a wider audience: Car wrapping is a model of on-car advertisement. It targets a much wider audience. Advertisements are placed on vehicles for potential customers to see. It has the ability to get attention. With car wrapping, pedestrians and people in other cars can view the advert and engage with it.


It is not highly targeted: In-car advertisements target specific individuals. But, on-car advertisement targets the general population. This weakens the impact of marketing campaigns.

It is impossible to measure progress: On-car advertisement is attractive. But the lack of measurability is a great disadvantage. You cannot track whether your marketing strategy is paying off or not. Car wrapping is a mobile version of billboard. This makes it an extension of the old way of promoting products and services.

Level of engagement is low: Videos appear to be more engaging than still pictures. Studies have shown that potential customers relate more with video content than pictures. As a result, engagement level in car wrapping is very low compared to in-car entertainment.

Are people walking by really taking in messages on cars? The truth is: they usually don’t. Except when the wrapped cars are parked. It is impossible to process and digest adverts on moving cars. Due to this disadvantage, car wrapping is a less effective advertising option. Especially when compared to in-car entertainment.

What Is The Best In-car Advertisement Agency For My Business?

There are a couple of good rideshare advertising agencies that are in-car centric. Examples include Vugo, Surf and Play Octopus. But, there’s one company with cutting technology. They consistently deliver measurable results for their clients. This company is Backseat Advert.

What Is Backseat Advertising?

Backseat Advertising is an innovative rideshare advertising company. It has cutting edge tech that helps businesses reach their target audience. This is happens in the back seat of rideshare vehicles. With Backseat Advertising, your digital advert message placement formats are simple and straightforward. It does not need many different formats. Backseat Advertising and Tappin X use the latest digital formats. This gives the best quality and ease of use. Backseat Advert provides different advertising services. They range from video spots to digital still advertising spots.

Backseat advertising LLC is an in-car advertising platform. It operates as a subsidiary of TappinX. Together, they deliver relevant content that engages passengers. They are a leader in today’s tech-driven advertising space. They have demonstrable expertise in effective business promotion.

With Backseat Advertising, you can “get in the backseat” of thousands of rideshare vehicles across the United States.

What are the benefits of working with Backseat Advertising?

  • Backseat Advertising is your exclusive source to the Tappin X platform
  • It guarantees unlimited reach to a truly captive audience
  • It provides direct exposure to consumers without interruptions
  • Advertising message will not be diluted by unwanted content or programming
  • It offers cost effective and customizable advertising messages
  • Adverts are delivered in digital and visual formats
  • Advertising messages are “non-intrusive”. Videos play in the background
  • No pausing, fast-forwarding, or skipping past advertising messages
  • Advertising messages are viewed in their entirety. No pop-ups or banners
  • All advertising messages you pay for are actually viewed

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Chapter 5 – Rideshare Advertising Options

Chapter 6 – What Is The Best In-car Advertisement Agency For My Business?

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