You may be wondering: is there a difference between back seat and Backseat? Yes, there is, and you are going to find out exactly what the difference is in this article.

What Is A Back Seat?

A back seat is generally known as a seat in the back of a vehicle. In the rideshare industry, riders often sit in the back seat of rideshare vehicles. Most prefer to sit in the back seat while they are being taken to their desired destination.

It is important to note that the back seat has gone beyond just a seat. Rideshare advertising companies are now using innovative technology to advertise to riders. This takes place in the back seat during their journey.

What Then Is Backseat?

Backseat is a rideshare advertising company. It connects brands with consumers via rideshare vehicles. Backseat uses a type of rideshare advertising known as In-Car advertising. This type shows relevant and targeted ads to riders in the backseat with the aid of a smart tablet.

Backseat partners with TappinX. They help businesses reach their target audience in the back seat of rideshare cars.

Here is a brief overview of how the partnership between Backseat and Tappin X works:

Backseat gets ads and promotions from businesses who want exposure. Backseat uses its innovative technology to set up campaigns. Then, it reaches out to Tappin X for the delivery.

Tappin X is a platform that allows rideshare drivers to earn passive income. They earn by displaying ads to their riders in the backseat. Tappin X pays drivers based on the views and engagements generated from the ads shown to riders.

One of the many reasons businesses continue to partner with Backseat is the uniqueness they bring to advertising. Backseat allows businesses to advertise to a captive audience. This audience is the riders in the backseat. This has been shown to boost engagement and conversion rates. Your ads are right in their faces, in an unobtrusive way. This means that if you create a super-relevant and entertaining ad, riders will engage with it. Then, they will take action. This is unlike other advertising options. With social media advertising, you only have 2 seconds to capture the attention of your target audience. This is because there are too many distractions.

Why Backseat?

Are you wondering why you should run your next ad campaign with Backseat? Here are some of the reasons the businesses who currently do, love them:

Allows Non-Traditional Brands: Backseat doesn’t discriminate. Your business simply has to be legal. The truth is, there are a lot of restrictions across different traditional advertising channels. These tend to be against businesses in certain industries. This includes alcohol, dating, gambling and more. Backseat is open to all legit and legal businesses.

Cost effective: Are you a business owner? If so, you probably know that advertising in traditional media and social media can be expensive. You could spend a lot of money without getting commensurable results. But, advertising with Backseat is inexpensive and cost effective. You don’t need a big budget to start, there are a wide range of options to pick from, depending on your goals.

No advert pausing or fast-forwarding: When you advertise with Backseat, you can rest assured your full ad message will be played. Then, it will be digested by your audience as there are no options to pause or fast-forward ad content. This allows you to capture every important aspect of your brand that might influence your target audience. This could increase your chance of convincing consumers to do business with you.

Customizable messages: Backseat is unlike other ad channels. You no longer need to target too many people with varied interests with the same ad message. Backseat’s innovative technology allows businesses to display customized and personalized messages. These messages connect directly with your target audience.

No unwanted banners or pop-ups: With Backseat, your target audience will not be distracted by pop-ups. This increases engagement and conversion rates. The only thing your target audience is served is your ad message.

Visual promotion supported: Many brands use visual promotional methods. They do this to get their message across to their target audience. With Backseat, you can advertise to riders with your video advert message with ease.

Direct contact with potential consumers: Rideshare advertising is the closest thing to one-on-one advertising. It brings you closer to people in a unique way and makes your brand relatable.


Do you want your business placed in front of consumers with zero distractions? Would you like it at a competitive cost? If so, consider working with Backseat to set up your next campaign and generate the right buzz for your products or services. To find out how you can collaborate with Backseat, click here to learn more about their ad rates.

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Chapter 3 – What Then Is Backseat?

Chapter 4 – Why Backseat?

Chapter 5 – Conclusion

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